Mother Earth (48×48)
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I love you and I’ll hold you
as long as it takes
I’ll make sure that you’re safe
even when the Earth quakes

I’m ebbing and flowing
but there’s reason for this
it helps you find balance
which will lead you to bliss

my waters run deep
like the depths of your mind
when stress grabs ahold
jump into me to unwind

when your volcanoes erupt
you can spew and let go
I’m here to listen to you
through communication you’ll grow

each and every day
let the sun hit your face
it’s Sun’s partnership with me
that allows for human race

in fact all of the planets
are playing quite a tune
and the song they are playing
is being played just for you

and I’m honored to be
the planet chosen for this growth
by landing on me
we’re connected by our souls

by working together
as a spiritual team
we’ll make sure everyone makes it
to the great Eternity