New Direction (36x30in) SOLD

Father Time has taken toll
and now I’m on my knees
the tension in this room is thick
I force myself to breathe

it feels like a heavy weight
is sitting on my chest
and a pair of cold dark hands
are grappling at my neck

of course this situation
is a creation of my mind
based on a script I wrote
about my experiences over time

but now I have the power to
stand up to take a stand
to breathe a little life inside
to grasp for a helping hand

for I’m not in this alone
I’m not the only one who feels
in fact there is a group of us
who agreed to this deal to heal

and everything that we’ve been through
and all that we have learned
is providing us the strength and love
to grab the wheel and turn

and it’s taken a lot of fortitude
to stand up where others don’t
to chance it for the sake of Earth
gassed by belief and trust alone

but now I state some promises
starting with I’m in it till it’s done
and that if you take a stand with me
the new direction’s already done