A New Earth (36x36in)

It’s a brand new Earth
we’re in the process of creating
and the key to this upgrade
is the vibe you’re vibrating

so in the midst of reaching out
to connect and co-create
take time to respect how much you’ve done
to increase the light you luminate

’cause it’s the times you never gave up
and the times you wiped your tears
that you were actually wiping away the pain
Mother Earth has felt for years

so give yourself a moment
place your hands upon your heart
smile and gaze into this painting
then tip your chin up to the stars

now repeat these words again and again
as your eyes fall softly closed
“I’ve done so much to help the world,
more than I’ll ever know”

there’s no more need to fight or push
no need to force or pull
just spend each day in love and light
Make sure your own heart-cup is full

and by filling up with love and light
you’ll keep making lasting change
and the Earth will remember the work you’ve done
to help her turn the page