what I’d like to say to you

is I’ve never given up

even when the current strong

and winds filling my cup


I stand here as strong as me

my heart facing the world

looking up at the blue sky

committed to painting my heart’s mural


I’m calm, I’m safe, I’m clear as day

I’m fitted with a smile

I’m creating my new path for love

the one that’ll last for miles


and even though I’m happy it’s you

it’s important that you know

my path for love runs deep within

it’s rooted in eternal glow


it has to be that way you see

it has to be kept strong

‘cause when I only travelled outward

my life travelled to the wrong


but now I sit in front of you

traveling in two directions

one that’s rooted to my own Truth 

the other towards your affection


keep this in your mind as we

grow into a brand new space

and you’ll receive the greatest gift

a lifetime of my heart’s grace