Raphael: Soul Fragments (60in x 48in)

picking up the pieces
is sometimes easier said than done
’cause each piece represents a tie
to someplace and/or someone

and also don’t forget that
some of these ties go way back
to a past life and time where you once were
on a trail in your soul map

this map is kept quite safe you see
in the hall of records in the sky
and when you met that special person
it’s from there you pulled a file

and contained within that file
was a soul-decision you two made
to be the trigger teacher who would
support past karma in being played

so when memory emotions feel extra intense
there is one thing you can do
send their soul as much love as you can
’cause they did those things to support you

and the fact that you two played it out
allowed a great step forward to be taken
and now that file that was once pulled
has nothing left remaining

and one day you two will meet again
in that great hall in the sky
and only love will be felt between
as your gaze connects with their eyes