Sacral Vortex  36x36in

the sensations in my sacral chakra
are blending with my heart
this indeed is the love
I’ve been searching for from the start

the past is full of sex and lust
a time I’m thankful for
but thanks to who and what she is
sex I have no more

merging with another soul
is something words can’t describe
but I’ll fumble a few lines more
and attempt to bring it alive

when we touch the lights turn on
and impulses start to grow
next we dive deep and connect within
and the love connection increases in flow

I surfaced once amidst the act
and observed us from above
no longer were there two separate selves
just one golden flow of love

so now when our auras meet
love is what we make
no longer do we settle for just a sex piece
we experience the whole love cake

I can’t believe it but it’s true
love-making can heal the Earth
and through my divine connection with her
a new world is what we’ll birth