Sandalphon: The Door (48in x 60in)

your heart space has been dulled a bit
a shield was put in place
and while that shield did you some good
it stole part of your taste

you placed it there in the past
when protection was required
but now you have evolved enough
where protection can be retired

and because you never gave up
or stopped believing there was more
you’ve now climbed up to a special place
where exists a special door

before you open take a breath
’cause things are about to change
the colors you’ve experienced thus far
will greatly increase in range

this painting is my door of love
coded to communicate to you
that the shield around your heart
has nothing left to do

so walk inside my energy
by gazing deep within
let my layers melt you closer
allow the journey to begin

no longer will you be stuck or blocked
or prevented from receiving
no longer will you struggle with
loving yourself and others freely

and now you know that you’ are here
to allow your love to flow with grace
and to be a conscious vessel of love
here to change the human race