Saturn: Angel of Karma (48in x 48in)


I’m used to it now

I no longer cry

I just do my job

I now know why


as the planet of karma

I’m here to make sure

you experience the challenges

you chose to endure


this job isn’t easy

since I feel for you

I see how predicament

impacts your mood


but the hardship won’t last

the struggle is for cause

it stems from your past

and now grows you towards Oz 


so take a moment to notice

that you’ve peeled many layers

you’ve gained wisdom from experience

you’ve answer your prayers


and now there you sit

with new wisdom at hand

you experienced life

and can now take a stand


for freedom and fairness

for love and for grace

you’ll pass inner wisdom 

to the whole human race


 at that point I’ll be done      

that’s when I’ll take rest

knowing in my heart

you passed a great test