Take Flight (36×36)

I spent part of my life
with my angel wings clipped
I was grounded and held down
wasn’t able to uplift

then one day I self-realized
it was me who was holding
it was me who was limiting
preventing life from unfolding

since then I’ve let go
I’ve come into my own
I know who I am
I’ve taken off and I’ve grown

and the person I am
is more than good enough
he’s great and he’s special
a diamond in the rough

so now I ask you
are you binding or clipping
have you tied your wings down
preventing you from uplifting

if so it’s ok
it seems part of this game
but the other half of the rules
are to let go and reclaim

you’ve had what it takes
since the beginning of time
it was stress and false beliefs
causing you to be blind

but not anymore
let a smile appear
’cause from this moment forward
they’ll be no more fear

so look into this painting
then look deep inside
and you’ll feel the truth
that now’s the time to arrive