The Code (30x48in)


deep beneath your physical self
lies a unique and special design
and this template is what allowed you to
enter this whirlwind ride

first in the womb you settle in
next into the light you flow
a sudden immersion into life itself
built for your soul to learn and grow

and at the age of just about two
some realizations began to set in
the world became an imperfect place
some dirt began to cover your lens

“this can’t be”, your mind decided
as is grasped and reached for peace
and a whole list of behaviors were created
that mixed with some false beliefs

the beliefs became a part of your ride
weighting you down until right now
but as this poem resonates in your aura
a new way of being is being allowed

you’re light, you’re love, you’re peace and free
and more powerful than you know
and all that happened to you in your past
was designed for you to learn and grow

into the person you are right here
and I’m honored that I get to say
the strength and wisdom that you now are
will change the world in incredible ways