The Line Up (24×48)

there your soul was standing
making the delicate plan
regarding which parts of your past
would be on your next exam

and that’s when you looked around
and saw your soul family standing there
holding on to all you have
showing their care with prayer

you realized you’re not alone
and the choice is simpler than you thought
of course you’re coming back
and that’s when your ticket was bought

then just before you entered in
you took one more look back
an amazing thing was happening
you smiled and even laughed

everyone was lining up
to make the same decision
to enter life with all they had
to stand up for this mission

to make the world a better place
that’s what we’re here to do
and we’re willing to deal with all our stuff
to help you deal with you

a reverberation was created
that rippled into all of life
and at that moment our tribe of souls
brought light into the night