The Vessel (30x48in)

to stay or to go
that is the question
the uncertainty within
is causing me tension

my vessel’s been boarded
I’m no longer free
the holy force that I was
is no longer me

sitting here empty
I decide to give up
lost within the brain game
the tears begin to well up

how did this happen
I thought it was handled
but here I sit again
with my vessel dismantled

as I fall into despair
my eyes close from fatigue
and in this defining moment
something stirs within me

it starts as a ripple
then increases in depth
I can see the bright light
built by previous steps

this brain isn’t me
and that voice isn’t real
my essence is love
fueled by the zeal to heal

I am the great change
that this world needs
I will not be stopped
til each one of you’s freed

and now looking back
to when my life didn’t work
I realize what was taken
was the beliefs caused by past hurts

so now here I stand
a strong vessel for truth
and I’m extending my hand
to help you realize the real you