Uriel: The Embrace (48in x 60in)

as you change the world
we’ll be your gasoline
and when you need extra support
we’ll bring our whole angel team

we’re poised, prepared and standing by
ready to flow our love through you
we’ll help you do the Earth healing work
your soul came here to do

and we know sometimes it’s a little scary
’cause the world’s in quite a state
and many people just turn their heads
to scared to fight for fate

but you are a different breed
you were built for this specific time
and with our team having your back
the world’s in for quite a ride

you have the hands, the heart, the grit
to turn things back around
to lead humanity back to love
to give Earth back her crown

so know the work that you are doing
is making a great impact
and we will continue to flow through you
to support your love attack

and down the road of this lifetime
just before your temporary rest
you’ll look back and see that what you did
helped humanity pass the test

you’ll see the world is a thriving place
powered by love and grace
and that is when you’ll free fall into
the arms of God’s embrace