Sugar isn’t bad for us.

In fact it’s a very special form of food because it tastes great and is supportive to our brain function, skin, energy levels, and more.

These Two Factors Give Sugar a Bad Name

1. The sugar many Americans eat isn’t sugar at all.

2. The amount of sugar many Americans eat daily is crazy!

3 Step Plan for Sugar Success

1. Use these foods in organic form to sweeten food and cook with:

A)  Real Maple Syrup (say goodbye to Aunt Jemimi)

B) Raw Honey (not the traditional Honey Bear)

C) Dark Liquid Stevia

D) Coconut Sugar

E) Xylitol

F) Fruit

If needed: Raw Turbinado Sugar or Succunut


2. Reduce refined sugar intake by 50% or more:


This sugar IS BAD for us because it’s been altered from its natural state. Stop eating fake, refined, sometimes dubbed “white” sugar. This isn’t sugar. Consider this stuff a modern form of fake-food that can cause a lot of problems in our body.

Stop eating the cakes, cookies, fake syrups, and other forms of food that are made with refined sugar. Make a goal to delete this type of sugar from your diet completely within the next couple of months…except for an occasional splurge.

To keep this simple only be eating the sugar sources listed above in #1.

Examples of the bad stuff to eliminate: pop tarts, brown sugar, cereals (e.g. Captain Crunch, etc.), candy, soda (e.g. Pepsi and Coke products), Gatorade, anything labeled with high fructose corn syrup.

Quick Tip: Eating fiber with sugar can help decrease the craving for more sugar!

Quick Tip: Have a sugar craving? Try fruit first!

Quick Tip: Drink plenty of water throughout the day.


3. Deal with Fatigue and Stress:

Here’s where I come in. The stress we carry tends to affect our energy levels and sleeping patterns. Carrying the emotional baggage from our past literally drains our energy the same way carrying around a heavy backpack would.

Think for a moment about what it would feel like without that backpack.

Also, often times people crave sugar when they are lacking “sweetness” in life. Are you feeling fulfilled? Have you listened to your heart recently?

It’s time to deal with the stress and emotional baggage that you’re carrying. And YES…you have both. Everyone does and it impacts you more than you know including craving sugar and other bad habits. Take care of these things at their root with meditation, prayer, radiant living strategies, and bliss techniques. I cover all of these in the spiritual counseling sessions I offer.

For more details click: Transformational Healing

Enjoy these two Bliss Techniques:

1. Divine Roses Meditation

2. Golden Globe Meditation