As we move through this full moon week and into this auspicios eclipse season I’d like to remind you that healing of all kinds cannot be forced to happen. This simply doesn’t work. In fact, by trying to force our body or mind to do anything more stress and potential illness is created.

The best way to deal with our deepest stresses and hurts is to place the body into a balanced state by:

a) living a healthy and high vibe life
b) allowing our body to rest and purify (as effortlessly as possible)

From balance our body knows how to detox and release stress of all kinds.

The problem is, many of us aren’t living a balanced life which means our body is never given a opportunity to purify and detox. We live fast paced lives centered around the “to do” list. We allow past hurts to rule our thoughts and nervous system. We eat and drink unhealthy foods and have completely forgotten how important a good night’s sleep is. Considering this daily stressful bombardment how is our body ever to find time to focus on letting go and releasing stress and impurities?

If you’re ready to take a stand for your life it may be time to contact me for an Ayurvedic Based Wellness session.

Here are a couple activities to get you started:

This Month’s Activity:
1. Enjoy the meditation below (click link) which is focused on allowing the body to receive love and healing.
2. Journal Activity: Pick one area of your life (diet, exercise, free time, family, etc.) that could use more balance. Create a plan for how this will happen and get started!


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