Take a moment to look at this painting and then read the poem. It will lead into this month’s message.

One Direction
by David Lesinski

now that karma is erased
you’re freed up and on the go
powered by your lighter body
and the wisdom you now know

a higher vibratory state
runs throughout your inner web
and everyone one who comes near you
will benefit from what is said

truth you speak no matter what
painted by the love that’s in your heart
causing those who truly listen
to stop before they start

their eyes will widen then focus in
their ears will grab upon
the conscious ride of spiritual truth
your words will take them on

piercing their heart in special ways
that wakes them up inside
to the truth of who they really are
now that they cannot run and hide

and sometimes it will be a challenge
for them to listen to the truth
but because it comes from your heart to theirs
they’ll finish by saying thank you

then you’ll simply carry on
in the direction you were going
allowing more of you to rise on up
and leave others’ hearts glowing

One Direction With Your Communication


Let’s face it. If we pay close attention to our communication we realize very quickly that we aren’t as honest and “real” as we think we are. And yes…this means you too.

The more we actually listen to the words coming out of our mouth the more we see that we’re constantly leaving out information or bending the truth. Why? Typically because we’re trying to look good, fear upsetting others or don’t want to be fully seen or heard.

Instead we harbor our real thoughts and feelings and overtime these trapped energies cause resentments, stress, barriers between ourselves and our loved ones and more.

The good news is when we “handle” these situations, by expressing ourselves in a loving way, both parties walk away feeling a renewed sense of energy, connection and peace.

It’s not always easy but it’s time to increase your communication integrity. This month’s experience:

1. Gaze at the painting above for a minute or two
2. Read the poem above
3. Sit with eyes closed for a couple minutes to allow for subconscious impact.
4. Enjoy the guided meditation.
5. Journal Activity: Make a list of people close to you in which your communication has been out of integrity. Focus on the people closest to you and then stem out from there. Choose one of those people and develop a plan to talk with this person. This can seem very scary so if you need coaching contact me. The key is to come from a place of love. No blaming or calling them out on what they can do better. Focus on speaking from your heart and taking ownership for your side of the issue. Give them space to share their views and opinions. Let go of any specific expectations you may have.

ANGEL TIP: Before having this conversation ask your angels and spirit guides (or any spiritual being you believe in) to prepare the perfect time and place for this conversation. Ask them to prepare both of you for this conversation so the best possible outcome for both people can happen.